For the Love of Music: Documentary Details How LCPS Marching Bands ‘Show Up and Show Out’

From the early-morning hours of summer band camp to the grilling lights of the gridiron, Las Cruces Public Schools’ marching band programs put in the work to execute intricate routines set to music. The creative process is the focus of a new documentary released today by the district’s digital production team, LCPS-TV.  

“It was intriguing to learn, and also a challenge, following the marching bands throughout the fall,” said producer and director Michael Rodriguez, who brought the film to fruition. “In this documentary, my aim was to focus in and elevate the LCPS marching bands experience in our community.” 

The documentary, titled Show Up and Show Out: A Commitment to Excellence, takes viewers through the practices at sunrise to the performances on the field during competition season. The film begins with commentary from Joseph Flores, LCPS Coordinator of Fine Arts.  

"There is a place for everyone,” Flores says about being part of a music ensemble. “It doesn’t matter their level of ability, and that’s what is so unique about music – no one sits on the bench. This is all about teamwork at the highest level.”  

Teamwork – and life skills – are a common theme throughout the film. In separate interviews, band directors from all four comprehensive high schools point out that being part of a marching band is a lesson in leadership.  

“Everything is about what we have practiced,” said LCHS Showcase Director of Bands Ty Frederick. “It’s showing up on time, being responsible for a schedule, so what we’re really teaching is that for just one student, their contribution contributes to the whole.”  

“This is more than just marching band,” noted Philip Ramos, Centennial Director of Bands. “Our goal is to challenge these students so when they get out of high school, they are able to meet other challenges – simple things like waking up and showing up on time, whether it's for marching band or a job.”  

Each marching band program at LCPS is featured, including Centennial High School, Las Cruces High School, Mayfield High School and Organ Mountain High School. The film is hosted and narrated by Samara Marquez, a production staffer with LCPS-TV and a senior at Centennial High School.  

Show Up and Show Out: A Commitment to Excellence is streaming now on LCPS-TV's YouTube channel and can be found here.